There are many reasons why custom draperies are important for a home. Many homeowners don’t realize just how crucial they are. Aside from general safety, they can really make or break the design atmosphere of an entire room! They are the “finishing touch.” Here is a list of some of the reasons you should order customized curtains.

Draperies protect your floors, furniture, carpet, etc. from harmful uv rays which simply cause fading when exposed over a period of time. So many times we go into homes and hear people say they have lived in their home for anywhere from 1-3 years with no window coverings because they just did not get around to it. We then look around the home and see fading. Don’t wait..custom draperies are worth the price for not only the look but the protection that is needed to save you money in the long term and even the short term!

Draperies act as a great insulator from the outside climate. Think about this..its no different than adding layers of clothing. The more we add, the more insulation. Full draperies across the window is one option or even a blind, shade, or shutter with simple side panels will add a layer of warmth in the winter and keep things cool in the summer.

Draperies also prevent energy from inside your home from escaping through the windows. Windows allow energy to seep out. Some windows are better than others and we dare not try to get into this business. But, no matter what just like protection from the outside, draperies act as protection inside on letting heat escape in the winter time.

Draperies add a warmth and style to your window and your home. This is why they are often referred to as furniture for the windows. There isn’t a lot more that can be said about this because it speaks for itself. Everyone has different tastes and styles. But, every time you add any type of drapery, it literally changes the whole outlook of the room forever. If your window has no trim, draperies provide a custom look. Not every home has trim work around the windows. Draperies make not having trim all go away.

You don’t always need light to enter in your bedroom all the time from the windows. For example, if you are watching television or working on laptop, you don’t want any light in your room from outside. So curtains and draperies are used to control light in your bedroom. You can use blinds to block light or you can lift them to enjoy sunshine in the morning.

Draperies and curtains in your bedroom work as a good source to control temperature within your room. Curtains are ideal to keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer. You do not need to do anything extra to control the temperature of your room with the help of curtains.

Curtains are most suitable for preventing dust from entering in your bedroom. Without curtains and draperies, debris and dust will enter your room as quickly as you will open the windows. However, if you will use curtains, you would be able to evade dust entering in your room.

Curtains are outstanding idea for decorating your room. Curtains are very customizable and can be transformed whenever you want to have a new look therefore you can easily match curtains with the melody of your bedroom. This makes your bedroom attractive and it looks very beautiful.

Curtains and draperies have become a style statement and avital part of home decoration. They are a reflection of your tastes and adds meaning to the room.You must spend your time wisely while making the choice for draperies and curtains at your home as they add feelings to the home.